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Chrysalis   2019

VIVO Media Arts Centre


Have you ever made a blanket or tent-fort out of whatever happens to be around your room, including: furniture, cushions, blankets and sheets? Did you find a sense of comfort and satisfaction in making improvised tents, forts, hollows, caves and just spaces? By choosing and creating 'spaces', did you feel calm and safe?


chrysalis is a group project created by the art team Wynne Palmer, Zandi Dandizette and Sara Gold, to explore the idea of worlds within worlds and the comfort we seek. 


Designed as an installation-based immersive environment, viewers walk into a room through a haze of fog and are confronted with a constructed installation of a tent-fort with a video loop projected inside, appearing like a warm inviting fire. Projected prominently in the room corner is an animation (Zandi), touches of mood lighting and a soundtrack pulsing and resonating througout the blue-lit space

zandi dandizette blue pink art artwork animation installation interactive artwork blue pink purple zandi
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